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Portable Power Packages: ATI's NEW All-In-One Solution

Portable Power Packages: ATI's NEW All-In-One Solution

Stop wasting time hunting for individual products, our new portable power packages are the all-in-one solution for your portable power needs! We’ve all been there; a deadline is quickly approaching and every second counts. With the click of a button, you can browse our selection of power packages and complete your order in seconds. Don’t forget to say goodbye to long lead times, each product featured in the power packages is in stock and ready to ship!

Our team is fully dedicated to providing our customers with revolutionary portable power products and exceptional customer service. To create our brand-new line of portable power packages, we combined some of our customers’ favorite products into affordable kits that will speed up your shopping process. Our new lineup features a total of seven different kits to provide you with plenty of options. Each power package is available with different specifications so that you can mix and match configurations to meet your project's requirements.

Portable Power Packages Specialized for Power Distribution

Portable Power Distribution Packages

Let’s face it, portable and emergency power systems can get complicated. ATI’s power distribution equipment is designed to condense complex electrical connections into one central location. Our SpiderSet, Banded #2 AWG Cable Sets, and 4/0 AWG Generator Cable Sets are engineered for the most effective power distribution possible for their appropriate amperage ratings. The power distribution packages have earned a blue ribbon for being some of the safest and most reliable portable power equipment in the field.

Within a week of releasing our line of portable power packages, the SpiderSet has instantly become an ATI customer favorite. It features a 120/240V, 50A RB300AE Rhinobox (spiderbox), and a 50A California-style twist locking cable. This cord is built with 6/4 SOOW, and the RhinoBox has a 50A input and output, with one 30A/250V receptacle, and six 20A GFCI duplex receptacles. This gives the user a variety of outlets to use on site and its performance is second to none. The SpiderSet is available with your choice of a 25’, 50’, 75’, and 100’ twist locking cord to provide you with the flexible options you need to get the job done.

You can cross “cable shopping” off your to-do list with our 400A 4/0 AWG Generator Cable Sets. These feeder cable sets are constructed with sturdy Type W cable that we selected because of its ability to endure heat, abrasions, and extreme weather conditions. It also includes series 16 inline camlock connectors that are color-coded for easy identification while out in the field.

The #2 AWG Generator Cable Set (Banded Set) is the ultimate cable set for the entertainment industry. Select your choice of five different colors and four different lengths to create the perfect cable to light up the stage. It has impressive cable flexibility, quick-connect camlocks, and bands placed every 24 inches to keep your cables from getting tangled while in use. To top it off, all our portable power packages are made by hand in the USA for quality that you can trust.

Camlock Connector Portable Power Packages

Camlock Connector Packages

If the connector on your cable or cam lock panel is damaged, replacing the entire product can have a hefty price tag. That's why our Camlock Connector Sets are an excellent solution for replacing broken or worn-out connectors. To make things even better, we offer free shipping on orders over $500!

Revive your generator extension cables with our series 16 inline cable mounted camlocks. These 190A/600V inline camlocks come in a set of 5 and are compatible with all series 16 brands of the opposite gender.

We also offer Panel Mount Camlock Sets that are available in a set of 5. These panel mounting camlock packages allow for quick and easy connections that will firmly lock into place. Choose between 45° or 90° camlocks for a sturdy connector that’s sure to exceed your expectations.

The last set on our list are the series 16 camlock covers and protectors. The camlock covers and protectors will shield the interior contacts on your panel mounting camlocks from dust and debris. Our team of Portable Power Experts recommends using cap and lanyard camlock covers with 45° camlocks, and snapback camlock protectors on 90° Camlocks.

You can view all the products listed in this article by using the drop-down on our home page and clicking “Portable Power Packages”. If you have any questions or would like a free quote, contact us today at or call us directly at (800)-597-9311.

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