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Cable Repair Program

Turn Those Used Generator Cable Assemblies Back into Money Makers with ATI’s Cable Repair Program!

How the program works

1. Ship us your bin of used cables, no matter what the condition.
2. We will inventory and check for damage and send you a list of what is there, and what condition each assembly is in.
3. You tell us what you want done with them - like make them into pigtails, repair the ends, or scrap them.
4. We clean, repair and test each assembly and send them back in like-new condition.
5. We will either send you a check or give you a credit on your account for the scrapped assemblies.
    Damaged Cable - Before Picture            Final Repaired Cable - After
    It’s that easy to save thousands of dollars and have your cables ready when you need them! 

    For more information, check out our blog Increase your Cable Assembly Return on Investment with ATI’s Cable Repair Program,
    or email us at