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Medium Voltage Testing Program

The Importance of periodic Testing of your Mobile Substation Cable Assemblies

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Testing of rental assets before they are deployed ensures safety and smooth project start-up. We realize in the heat of the moment, when power is out and your service is in demand, it’s critical to respond to your customers’ needs quickly. That’s why proper planning, including the testing of your 5kv to 35kv cable assemblies, is a crucial part of your service offering. ATI’s medium voltage testing program can give you confidence your assemblies are in good condition and ready for deployment.

Here's How Our Program Works

  1. When your assemblies come off a job, place them in a transportable bin.
  2. An ATI representative will schedule and send a truck to pick up the cables.
  3. We inspect the cables and provide a quote based on the number of cables provided. If you know the exact amount before shipping, we can provide a quote before we pick them up.
  4. Our well-trained medium voltage assembly specialists will test and certify your assemblies and label them with a date and serial number for reference, so you know exactly when they were tested last.
  5. We provide a testing certificate that details the procedure and readings of each cable assembly.
  6. Any assemblies that don’t pass, can either be scrapped, repaired with new ends, cut into shorter lengths, or replaced with an exact equivalent of new cable and connectors.
    Testing SH MV Cable         
    For more information, complete the form below or email us at and we’ll make arrangements to pick up the MV cables!