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Get the Perfect Power Distribution Box for Your Job

ATI Electrical Technical Guide: Spider Boxes

If you are supervising an operation that requires electricity in order to run efficiently but is located in a remote location that isn’t normally supplied with electrical power, then you’re going to want to consider investing in a spider box to provide the power that you need.

Spider boxes are an efficient, economical, relatively inexpensive, and safe alternative to typical generators. They are a portable power distributor that provides temporary electrical power to a specific location.

Spider boxes are designed to be durable and transportable so that they can be used in a number of different environments and situations. They utilize a 250 VAC and their relatively inexpensive price-point makes them a worthwhile investment for almost any operation.

Product Beetle Box Spider II Spider Box CEP Portable Power Distribution Center CEP Mini U-Ground Spider Box CEP 4 Outlet Twist Lock Spider Box X-Treme Box™ Spider Box CEP 6 Outlet U-Ground GFCI Spider Box RhinoBox 50A with GFCI and Nema 3R Temporary Portable Power Distribution Center
Price From $1,205.75 From $2,936.60 From $672.42 From $339.50 From $714.49 From $637.20 From $564.51 From $519.55 From $1,245.07
Brand Power Assemblies Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Construction Electrical Products Construction Electrical Products Construction Electrical Products Southwire Construction Electrical Products Arrow Hart Leviton Manufacturing Company
MPN BB-101 SDTL1A 6534UGSX 6532UGMX 6508TLSX 19703R02 6506UGSX RB300A PB103-W
Amps 50A 30A 30A 30A 50A 50A 50A 50A 50A
Voltage 120/250V, 2P+N+G 120/240V AC 125/250V AC 125/250V AC 125/250V AC 125/250V AC 125/250V AC 125/250V AC 125/250V AC
Input Connector type 50A 120/250V (CS6375) 30A 120/240V (L6-30R) 30A 125/250V (L14-30) 30A 125/250V (L14-30) 125/250V (CS6365) 125/250V (CS63) 125/250V (CS6375) 125/250V (CS6375RB) 50A 125/250V 3P 4W Grounding Non-NEMA
Output Plugs / Receptacles (6) 20A 120V (5-20R) Duplex (7) 20A 125V (L5-20R) (4) 20A 125V (5-20R) Duplex (4) 20A 125V (5-20R) Duplex (4) 20A 125V (L5-20R) (6) 20A 125V (5-20R) & (1) 30A 250V (L6-30R) (6) 20A 125V (L5-20R) & (1) 30A 250V (L6-30R) (6) 20A 125V (WRBR20BK) & (1) 30A 250V (L6-30R) (6) 20A 125V (L5-20R) & (1) 30A 250V (L6-30R) Non-GFCI
Pass-Through Outlet 50A 120/250V (CS6369) 30A 120/240V (L6-30R) No No No No 50A 125V/250V (CS6369) 50A 125/250V (CS6369RB) 50A 125/250V 3P 4W Grounding Non-NEMA
Over-current protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Box construction Non-Metallic Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Steel Steel Steel Carbon Steel Steel Steel Reinforced Metal
Color Black Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Red Yellow
Standards "NEMA : 3R
UL 1640 Listed"
UL 1640 cUL and CSA, UL 943 cUL Listed cUL Listed cUL Listed 3R Rated 3R Rated 3R Rated, cETLus, NOM "ANSI : C-73
NOM : 057
OSHA : Reg 20, Part 1926, Subpart K for open-neutral GFCI
UL 943 : Class A (GFCI)
UL Listed : E-48380 "
Weight 20 lb 48 lb 32.4 lb 14 lb 14 lb 34 lb 36 lb 37 lb 38 lb
Measurements 14in H x 14in W x 12in L 14.7in H x 18.71in Wi x 22.71in L 21in H x 14.5in W x 11in L 21in H x 14.5in W x 11in L 21in H x 14.5in W x 11in L 21.75in H x 16.5 W x 12.2in L 8.46in H x 4.72in W x 5.91in L 12.3in H x 16.9 W x 22.6in L 12in H x 16in W x 22in L

Finding the Right Spider Box

Before purchasing a spider box, it is important to do some research about different models available to make sure you choose one that is suitable for you and your needs.

If you’re running a job that entails only a few workers using small power-tools, then a less expensive model will probably suit you just fine. If your operation is larger, requiring many workers and heavy machinery, then you should probably invest in a heavier-duty, more robust model.

Below we will provide some insight into several different spider box models to help you make an educated decision about which one is best for you.

6507GU/6534UGSX CEP 30A 125/250V Portable Power Distribution Center

This Portable Power Distribution Center is an excellent product for providing temporary power to a singular location. It is engineered using the latest in grounded fault circuitry interrupter (GFCI) technology to provide an extremely safe and effective user experience.

It is a robust spider box designed for outdoor use and can withstand the toughest job-site conditions. We highly recommend it if you are working on tough or difficult terrain.

6503GU/6532UGMX CEP 30A Mini U-Ground Spider Box 125/250V

The Mini U-Ground Spider Box is a great temporary power distributor, but it is designed specifically for indoor use. Keep that in mind if you are thinking about purchasing one.

The standout feature for this spider box is its compact design which makes it very easy to transport. It weighs only fourteen pounds, which is very light compared to other spider boxes.

Spider II Spider Box, 30A, Single Phase, 120/240VAC

The Spider II Spider Box has a waterproof design which makes it especially useful for areas where flooding or rainfall may be an issue, though it works just as well in dry environments as well.

It also comes in two varieties with different inlet and outlet designs. The first makes use of twist locks, while the second utilizes straight blades. It weighs in at a hefty forty-eight pounds making it very robust and resistant to tough conditions.

6508G/6508TLSX CEP 4 Outlet Twist Lock Spider Box, Input – 50A 125/250V (CS6365), Output – 20A 125V (L5-20R)

As with other portable power distributors, the 6508G CEP Spider Box is crafted using the latest in GFCI technology, designed for indoor and outdoor usage, and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It comes in either stainless steel or powder-coated varieties.

X-Treme Box™ Temporary Power Distribution Spider Boxes - 50A 125/250V, (6) 20A Outlet GFCI (5-20), (1) 30A Outlet (L6-30)

The X-Treme Box Spider Box is one of the most durable and wear-resistant spider boxes on the market. It is crafted using carbon steel making it highly resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

It features dedicated 20 amp circuit breakers, is chemical, corrosion, and abrasion-resistant, and can be bought in two varieties: a sled-based design and a roll-cage base.

6506GU/6506UGSX CEP 50A 125/250V 6 Outlet U-Ground GFCI Spider Box

The 6 Outlet U-Ground Spider Box, like other CEP products, utilizes CFGI technology to guarantee the user ground fault protection, as well as open neutral and reverse phasing protection.

The standout feature of this spider box is that it has a 3R rated enclosure, protecting it from snow, sleet, water, and external ice formation.

RhinoBox 50A 120/240V with GFCI Protection and Nema 3R

The RhinoBox is a very tough and versatile temporary power distributor that comes with a number of features that make it an ideal choice for tough working environments.

It has a patented interlocking leg design which allows for easy stacking of multiple RhinoBoxes for easy transportation and storage. It has a 3R rated enclosure and each circuit has a dedicated breaker to prevent overloading and a cover to prevent tripping.

50A 125/250V Temporary Portable Power Distribution Center w/ Weather-Resistant Straight Blade GFCI Receptacles

This Temporary Portable Power Distribution Center provides you with all the great features that should be included in an effective spider box.

It features weather-proof lids over each of the outlets and inlets to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from getting in and damaging the unit, which is an excellent feature. It has a sturdy base and is designed with safety in mind to prevent injuries to operators.

Beetle Box BB-101 Spider Boxes

The Beetle Box is a unique spider box, because it is crafted using a non-metallic rubber exterior to give it better insulation from electrical currents. It is very small as far as spider boxes go, with a compact design and carrying handle for easy transportation.

This spider box is very functional, durable, and easy to use. It is definitely one of the superior spider boxes available on the market.