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About us

Autonomy Technology, Inc. The power of partnership

The Product and Service

It's impossible to imagine a world without electricity. But as magical as it is, electrical powering requires planning, smart engineering and the right tools and products. That's where ATI comes in. Electrical supply & distribution. This, in simple terms, is what we do. We partner with you, our team and other great manufactures to distribute electrical equipment, wire & cables, and electrical components of all sorts.

Some of our core functions and competencies include the following 

  • Provision of temporary & critical power.
  • Portable power for entertainment 
  • Electrical support and supplies for heavy industry (e.g. low & medium voltage switchgear projects, petro-chemical, mining, oil & gas, and waste management)

And because comprehensive service is a core aim of ours, we also have a skilled engineering team and fully staffed fabrication shop where we can design custom equipment and plan power distribution and control for a range of projects.

The people

In 2005 Greg Knowles had over 14 years of experience working for 3 different companies selling electrical equipment. Seeing a gap in the market, Greg took the leap and started ATI with the mission of building an electrical supply company committed to providing wholesale, comprehensive, smart electrical supplies and solutions for its customers. And with the support of his wife Patty and young family, ATI has grown into what it is today - one of the best electrical suppliers in the Nevada and Arizona region!

We are a service supplier. That means he have a team of administrative staff and sales agents dedicated to serving your electrical needs. No need is too great or, for that matter, too small! Today ATI proudly employs over 25 staff member each one of them ready to partner with you to find solutions to your needs. Meet some of them below.  

The Business and Brand

In Our aim as a business is to be a one stop shop for all your electrical needs. From the small like tool kits to the large like generators to the custom-made like wire & cable types. ATI has it all. And if we don't we'll get it. How? Since the start we've aimed to provide only the best electrical products, tried and tested through years of American ingenuity, invention and investment. We partner with the best and most reliable brands to bring you want you need.