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Personalize Your Power Cables with Custom Labels

Personalize Your Power Cables with Custom Labels

Construction sites typically have several different contractors working simultaneously, which can make it hard to tell who owns the equipment and material being used to provide temporary power. General contractors, electrical contractors, generator sales, and rental companies all have equipment they use to bring power to the site.  Cables are run along the ground to power tools, transformers, and other power distribution equipment, and it can be very tough to tell who owns the equipment and cables.

When the job site wraps up, determining who owns the cable running on the ground can get especially difficult. Often times the tradesmen are wrapping up their work at different times, and the person in charge of picking up the equipment isn’t the same person that installed it. They guess at what belongs to them, and inevitably grab the wrong cable assemblies, or even leave behind some of the assemblies that belong to them. Without labeling on the cable, identifying the correct assemblies can become extremely difficult.

Theft of cable is another common problem on job sites. Although steps have been taken by scrap yards to help prevent theft, there are still many cases where wire and cable assemblies disappear, especially on high profile job sites with lots of equipment and assemblies spread out across the area.

Copper wire and cable is expensive; thus, having generator cables stolen or misplaced can be a major cost. To prevent this, ATI has invested in technology that offers an excellent method to print custom labels on any type of power cable assembly. Electrical Contractors and Rental Cable Companies no longer need to worry about running into the issue of someone accidentally taking their portable power cables.

Custom Label Your Portable Power Cables with ATI

cable print on jacket

The label is visibly printed onto the physical cable and cannot be easily wiped off. Even after years of use many of our customers still proclaim how our labels have held up tremendously in rugged and harsh industrial environments. With copper prices rising, taking security measures to protect expensive copper wire and cable is not only recommended by ATI, but it’s practically a necessity in today’s day in age, especially on job sites where these items are often left unattended for long periods of time. Custom cable printing is available directly on our website under the Wire & Cable category. Add it to your order when purchasing your next set of portable power cables!

What Type of Portable Power Setup Do I need?

Making the correct decision on which type of generator cable to use for your application is the initial step in the process. Luckily for you, at ATI there are qualified and trained professionals that are available to help you find the perfect cable for your desired use. You can reach one of our experts via phone or text at (800)-597-9311 or email our portal power group at

A few of our most popular portable power cables at ATI include the extra flexible, Type-W Generator cable assemblies which are often used in more heavy-duty applications such as mining, construction, and other industrial settings. Another extremely popular cable that has a high demand in the entertainment industry is our Stage and Lighting Cable Assemblies, often referred to as Type SC. One of our more popular portable power cables are the Spider Box Locking Cables, which are 50A power cables that allow you to provide power throughout your desired location using Spider Boxes, or other temporary power distribution units.

If you find yourself browsing our website and you’re still unsure about which cable assemblies or portable power setup you need for your task at hand, simply grab the phone and call or text the experts at ATI. Our team is widely available and is happy to assist all our customers to provide a smooth purchasing experience. Contact us and explain exactly what portable power setup you currently have, and what you’re looking to accomplish, and we’ll get you squared away with ease. The most common questions that arises when choosing the correct portable power setup is the required amperage, voltage, connector types, and the application where you plan on using this setup.

Personalized Portable Power

ATI custom cable print
Once youve spoken to our team and are ready to order, dont forget to also ask for custom labels to be printed on your new cables! This will minimize the problem of potentially losing your cables in the future. Another simple way to prevent this from happening is to always remember to store your cables in a lockable location when theyre not in use. We look forward to helping you customize your next portable power cables. Visit our online store to view our extensive collection of portable power products or call or text us at (800)-597-9311.
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