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Your Business Can’t Afford to Lose Power

Your Business Can’t Afford to Lose Power

You may not realize how major the roll that electricity plays in day-to-day operations for practically every business around the country. If you take a moment to simply think about each benefit of having electricity, and how it has helped change our lives so much, you may very well develop a new outlook on all these amenities in your home, business, and how they improve your life overall.

This blog will define the true importance of having a tangible backup power distribution setup to minimize downtime and mitigate potential losses in the event of an unplanned power outage. In fact, according to a survey done by Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC), they found that “98% of organizations surveyed have noted that even just one hour of downtime can cost over $100,000!”

So, if you’re unsure of the gear that you need to restore power and keep it on, (whether this may be at your home or business) give our experts a call at (800)-597-9311 and we’ll walk you through the equipment needed and the steps it takes to restore power.

Effects of Power Outages on Businesses

Power outages can occur anywhere at any given moment, for an array of reasons. Whether it happens to a small business, a school or even a hospital, these companies can and will encounter significant losses while it occurs. It’s important to avoid these situations at all costs hospitals, for example, can experience life-threatening issues from an outage. If left unresolved for an extended period, small and locally owned businesses can experience losses that could go beyond recovery. However, these events are avoidable by gearing up with some of ATI’s power distribution equipment for guaranteed functionality and reliability when you need it most.

There’s an endless list of possible negative effects that a major power outage can have on your business. We’ve gone ahead and listed a few of these major complications that a business could encounter below in order to keep you informed on what to expect if any of things were to happen and just how drastic they could be.

Damaged Equipment: An unplanned outage can cause severe, long-term, and occasionally irreversible damage to computers, televisions, land-line phones, and any other equipment plugged into an unprotected outlet at the time of the outage. A power outage that stops the flow of electricity to your devices is also known as a Power Surge. This event puts stress on the wires inside of your equipment and could result in frying them, causing long-term damage to equipment.  We recommend operating all equipment off of a battery backup outlet, which transfers over to battery power when a power outage occurs to keep electricity flowing to your equipment. This allows enough time to save your work, and shut down or unplug your equipment safely.

Loss of Communication: If you run a business that communicates with its clients via email or landline phone, this will become unavailable during an outage resulting in major loss in revenue and productivity. Without internet and a direct line of communication with your customers, business will practically come to a halt. Depending on the scale of the power outage, cell phones could also be disconnected due to off-line cell towers in the area. Also, if the outage lasts long enough it will be impossible to charge your phone without the help of a generator.

Loss of Revenue: A power loss essentially leads your business to become inoperable because products will be stuck on the shelves, which in turn results in higher inventory costs and a loss in sales and revenue. If your customers are unable to reach you, they may be compelled to contact competitors meaning that you’ve lost a customer along with all of their future business endeavors.

This list doesn’t just stop there. Restaurants and Supermarkets could lose thousands of dollars without a means to keep good refrigerated, such as dairy, meat and produce. We may not realize it at first, but all these expenses will continue to pile up and could cost well over $100,000 if power is not restored as soon as possible. Why sit and wait for utility companies to restore power all over town? If you own a business, ATI highly encourages you to take these matters into your own hands by investing into power distribution equipment to ultimately save yourself and your business thousands.

How to Stay Afloat During an Outage

Most power outages occur without warning from natural events such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes, ice storms, and other natural disasters that cause downed powerlines and other damaged electrical components. While these are the most common forms of power outages, they are not the only explanation for the outage. Often times rodents and other animals can damage electrical wires resulting in an electrical fault or short circuit ultimately causing a short-term power loss.

A voltage spike is a form of power outage due to short circuits or lightning strikes causing temporary power loss in neighboring locations. This can result in permanent or temporary damage to equipment which can further extend the outage time period. Routine maintenance and tests can be scheduled resulting in a short-term power loss to run tests and fix issues within the electrical system.

You can keep your business running and avoid these types of outages by investing in power distribution equipment that includes a standby generator, portable power cable assemblies, a transfer switch, and a generator connection box. We offer all these solutions here at ATI, which you can purchase directly online or contact our portable power experts at (800)-597-9311 if you have any questions. Save valuable time and money during the next unplanned power outage by contacting our team today. We’re happy to assist with anything and everything portable power related whether you need equipment for your home, business, or the next upcoming event.

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