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Hurricane Season Preparedness… What you need to Know

Hurricane Season Preparedness… What you need to Know

Hurricane season is upon on. We’ve all been there… last minute store runs and the constant juggle of thoughts trying to ensure that you have everything you need before things get too windy. Beat the mad dash and gain a peace of mind by always staying prepared during hurricane season, stock up and prepare now so that you don’t have to regret not being prepared later.


Water is the most important item you can have during and after the hurricane season. Stockpile it because it will be one of the hardest survival items to come by. Everyone at your local grocery store will have cleared the aisles by the time a hurricane has been announced. It is recommended that you have 1 gallon of water per person per day for at least 2 weeks. Also take into consideration that this water will be used for cleaning and cooking because the water being pumped into your home is no longer safe.

While stockpiling water, it’s good to stockpile your food options. Get enough non-perishable food to last each person 7 days or more. Canned goods are the best food survival option, don’t forget the manual can opener.

Power Loss

One of the most common fears during a storm is the loss of power. Almost everything we use on a daily basis involves electrical power. So, what happens if the power gets knocked out during the storm? Will you flick a switch and resume what you’re doing or will you return to the Stone Age for a short time?  If you would like to somewhat maintain control of the electrical power in your home, you can get yourself a power generator. When mother nature takes out the power, there’s no telling when it will return. I’ve been in a hurricane that left me without electricity for 4-6 weeks and I wasn’t prepared. Trust me this is not a scenario I would want to wish upon anyone. Get yourself a generator if you can afford to.

Here are a few generator options you can pick up right now on our website:

If you decide to go with a fuel powered generator, you’re going to also need to begin stockpiling fuel to power that generator that has become your main source of energy. The fuel you stockpile will also come in handy for your car if the gas station runs out of fuel as they tend to do during emergency situations. To preserve fuel, it’s a good idea to invest in other battery powered light & energy sources for your home.

Battery operated clocks and radios are a necessity of storm survival for obvious reasons. Stay informed and stay on time. Acquire a battery powered walkie-talkie or CB of some sort to radio for help in a time of need. Fema always has important resources and updates so be sure to keep checking their website.

First Aid Kit

For storm safety and hurricane season preparedness, start collecting items to construct a first aid kit.

First-Aid kits should include:

  • Bandages
  • Gauze rolls
  • Cotton balls
  • Aspirin
  • Antibiotics
  • Scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Prescribed Medications & inhalers

Essentials Kit

In addition to the first aid kit, you should also collect items to compile an essentials kit.

The essentials kit should include:

  • Hygiene products (Toothpaste, toilet paper, tampons, etc.)
  • Sanitizer
  • Flares
  • Cash
  • Road Maps
  • Personal Documents (Sealed in waterproof case)

This article doesn’t necessarily cover every single step of precaution to be prepared for an approaching hurricane, but it will surely give you a head start and an edge the next time a named wind approaches your home. Stay safe by staying prepared.

Check out our guide to hurricane power outage protection.

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