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Generator Pigtails: The Key to Seamless Power Distribution

Generator Pigtails: The Key to Seamless Power Distribution

Portable Generators are impractical without a generator pigtail to distribute power. Generator pigtails are flexible cables that are available with a camlock on one end, and either a blunt, tinned, or lugged end on the other side. This multi-configuration setup is convenient to offer the user several ways to connect to various power distribution equipment. Pigtails differ from our standard generator feeder cables, which are equipped with camlocks on both ends of the cable. In this article, we will be discussing the critical role that generator pigtails play in a portable power system, and what types of pigtails ATI offers.

General Pigtail Key Functions

Pigtails work to transfer electricity from the portable power source to its desired location. They bridge the gap between panels and power distribution units to support the stable flow of electrical current throughout the portable power system. This enables electrical currents to be delivered to different locations, ensuring a steady power supply in remote settings like outdoor events, disaster relief areas, or construction sites.

Pigtails also play a leading role in keeping you and your team safe. These are secure connections that are typically tied into a lug or bolted onto the busbar inside the electrical gear. All our cables are built according to National Electric Code and include top-tier connectors to facilitate sturdy connections and prevent electrical hazards such as short circuits, electrical shocks, and electrical fires.

ATI’s generator pigtails are an excellent choice for a diverse range of applications. From commercial construction sites to powering events venues, our pigtails can be used anywhere portable power is required! Our pigtails are made with heavy-duty rubber jackets to protect against natural wear and tear on site. When you choose to purchase from ATI, you can trust that our team of power pros will help to pair you with the perfect pigtail for the job.

Understanding Different Types of Generator Pigtails

We offer an assortment of generator pigtails on the ATI site so that it’s easy to mix and match specifications and create the perfect cable for your project. Stage and Lighting Cable (SC), Diesel Locomotive Cable (DLO), and Type W cable pigtails are always kept fully stocked so that it’s ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

Stage cable is a single-conductor cable that’s specially designed for the entertainment industry. It’s ideal for powering lighting, audio equipment, and other supporting devices. Type W cable is well-suited for rugged applications and features single or multi-conductor configurations making it a primary candidate for projects that operate in industrial conditions. ATI’s portable power experts recommend using Type W cable for outdoor industrial connections, due to its thick jacket and its ability to endure stress.

DLO cable, also known as Diesel Locomotive Cable, contains a single conductor and includes a tinned coating around copper strands for extra corrosion resistance. DLO cable is suitable choice for connecting generator pigtails to heavy-duty machinery.

All our cables are available in #2 - 4/0 and in your choice of length. Our pigtails are also available in your choice of blunt, lugged, tinned, or series 16 camlock ends. Our series 16 camlocks are available in multiple colors and male or female variations. Each camlock is made with shatter-resistant rubber to facilitate solid connections.

Blunt-ends are commonly used to terminate or connect individual wires to a common connection point. It typically consists of an assembly with a stripped, exposed end (blunt) and a connector on the other end. The blunt end is inserted into a terminal block and torqued appropriately.

Camlock to blunt-end pigtails
Tinned-ends function similarly to blunt-end pigtails. However, the tin coating helps to prevent wires from fraying. This promotes quick, clean terminations that ensure all the wires make a superior electrical connection. The tin coating also adds an extra layer of corrosion resistance to extend the life of your pigtail.

Camlock to Tinned-end generator pigtail


Lugged-end pigtails offer secure and reliable connections by bolting directly onto a busbar or stud. This offers a strong physical connection that prevents the cable from loosening over time. Higher-voltage applications often require lugged-end connections because their secure mechanical connection makes them less likely to fail and cause short circuits.

Camlock to lugged-end generator pigtail

How to Safely Store Your Generator Pigtails

Properly storing your pigtails will help to preserve and extend the life of your cables. We offer the Pig Pen designed by Power Assemblies, which is capable safely storing hundreds of generator pigtails. The Pig Pen features wide, parallel slots to allow you to easily hang and remove your generator pigtails. It’s composed of a sturdy metal frame with an AmorTek coating to resist rust and maximize its lifespan. This frame also includes forklift pockets for easy transportation around the warehouse or to and from the jobsite.

Empty Pig Pen Frame by Power AssembliesFully Loaded Pig Pen with PigTails

ATI Electrical Supply is a top supplier of portable power products. We specialize in plugs and connectors, cable assemblies, and power distribution equipment. We have a wide variety of portable power products available on our website, and our sales representatives are always ready to help through the live chat on our website.

If you have any other questions or would like to receive a custom quote please contact us at (800)-597-9311 or send us an email at and a team member will be happy to assist you with all of your emergency portable power needs.

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