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CAM Lock Connection Switch – What you should Know

CAM Lock Connection Switch – What you should Know

Specifications of CAM Lock Connection Switch

  • Ampere range: 200-4000 Amps
  • Switch configuration: Single and Double throw
  • Voltage range: 240-600 Volts
  • NEMA standard: 1, 3R, (12, 4X- optional)
  • Switch connections: Fused, Non-Fused
  • Enclosure Mount: Pad mount or Wall mount
  • Enclosure material: Aluminium or Carbon Steel
  • Enclosure Finish: ANSI 60 Gray or Uncoated
  • Warranty: 1-year

How to Install CAM Lock Connection Switch?

  • The contractor first examines the areas and conditions where the CAM Lock Connection Switch is to be installed.
  • The contractor then conveys in writing his feedback for the same to the Engineer.
  • The installation of CAM Lock Connection Switch shall be done as directed in the drawings.
    • Only the copper wire conductors must be used for all field wiring.
    • The torquing of all the terminations should be done according to the provided label.
  • The installation should meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code, local codes, and “Standard of Installation” Of National Electrical Contractors Association.

Features and Benefits of CAM Lock Connection Switch

Being an interchangeable electrical connector, a camlock is regularly utilized as a part of temporary power production & distribution.  The CAM lock connection switch has the following features and benefits-

  • It comes with the multiple voltage options to cater to the varying needs of your commercial facilities.
  • ‘The CAM Lock Connection Switch’ has a line of products with the Amperes available in the range of 200A to 4000A.
  • It has UL listed Boltswitch and Square D units.
  • The CAM Lock Connection Switch has optional single or double throw configurations.
  • The cams are series 16 color-coded with snapback covers and lanyards.
  • The camlock units are both wall mountable (200A- 600A) and pad mountable (800A- 4000A).
  • The CAM Lock Connection Switch is provided as a pre-assembled factory unit by the manufacturer and, therefore, eliminates the need to spend extra time assembling it after its delivery.
  • Being the complete switching units, they feature the quick connection use by wiring the male camlocks input connectors to a switch.
  • NEMA 3R CAM Lock Connection Switch units provide a water-proof solution so that they can be installed outside.

Description of CAM Lock Connection Switch

The CAM Lock Connection Switch has been designed as a custom solution to switching problems in order to ensure a safe way of transferring power.

Power outages are the common occurrences that may be caused due to utility power interruptions such as blackouts or weather disasters such as Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, Ice or snow storms, high winds, and floods.

Its impact is even more intense on the commercial facilities that have their deadlines and perishable inventory to take care of. It, therefore, becomes essential to maintain uptime by ensuring a power reliability.

Power assemblies has developed CAM lock connection switches to assist you in dealing with such power outages. These camlock disconnects for generators provide a safe, quick and cost-effective solution giving you the switching capabilities. These CAM lock connection switches are available in variants that come with or without overcurrent protection to choose as per your requirements and conditions.

With CAM lock connection switches available in varying voltages and currents specifications, it makes it the preferred choice for small and medium to large scale industries without you having to worry about the power supply disruptions anymore.

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