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WireHider Raceway Cover Lid

Use these surface mount coverlids together with raceway conduits to effectively, safely and neatly manage the wires and cables in your office. The raceway coverlids are proudly made in the USA by Quest Manufacturing. 
  • Absolutely no hardware is required to install these coverlid ducts, making them quick and easy to install! 
  • Secure your wires and cables in the raceway via it flexible center slit or flap. 
  • Match the coverlid, length and width size to the raceway you’ve used. 
  • Fit the surface mount cover lid over the raceway to cover the center slit. 
  • Secure with the solvent based curing adhesive tape on the back of the raceway 
  • The coverlids channels are safe, durable and resistant
  • Non-metallic Made of flame retardant PVC, designed and manufactured according to UL standards – UL94V-0. 
  • The PVC contains a UV stabilizer so the colour won’t fade over time. 
  • These raceway coverlid ducts are made of a latex paintable PVC surface so that it can match the look or décor in office or home
  • Available dimensions ½” wide cover lid available in lengths of 4ft and 6 ft. 1” wide cover lid available in lengths of 2, 4 and 6 ft. 1 ½” wide cover lid available in lengths of 4ft and 6ft. Available in packs of 4, 24, 48. 
  • Available in white or beige.

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