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Wire Mesh Cable Tray Systems

SKU QMF-CT0406-03
Cable Management is crucial to any industrial or commercial operation. Quest Manufacturing has the perfect solution with these electro plated carbon steel cable trays that you can install to route cables around, in and out of your building. 
Application: The dimensions of these cable trays make them well suited for indoor use, in ceilings and under floors. Plus they are designed for easy installation - find out more about this below.
  • Tray material Carbon Steel with electro zinc plating for professional finish
  • Easy installation, just cut, bend and clamp. The carbon steel of the wire mesh is flexible for easy installation. The wire mesh tray cuts easily with bolt cutters. Once cut, all you have to do is bend and then clamp it into the custom shape you need. Configure wall, floor & ceiling mounts or splice trays and create corners for safe & secure cable management 
  • Accessories for Installation.  Quest Manufacturing supplies a line of mounting clamps, brackets & nut accessories to make installation simple and secure 
Dimensions Available:
  • CT0406-03 (4ft x 6")
  • CT0408-03 (4ft x 8")
  • CT0504-03 (5ft x 4")
  • CT0506-03 (5ft x 6")
  • CT0508-03 (5ft x 8")
  • CT0512-03 (5ft x 12")
  • CT1004-03 (10ft x 4")
  • CT1006-03 (10ft x 6")
  • CT1008-03 (10ft x 8")
  • CT1012-03 (10ft x 12")
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