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Wheel & Aircraft Chocks with glow light, reflective tape & rope

These chocks are made in the USA by Elasco. Although designed for light aircrafts, they are actually versatile because they can also be used for Trucks, Boats, RVs, Campers and other vehicles. These chocks are safe, durable and reliable with some great key features: 
  • Durable & Long Lasting Made of polyurethane they are designed to be stable and sturdy, able to bear the weight of light aircrafts.
  • High Visibility These chocks feature a glow light & reflective tape for maximum visibility in all kinds of conditions e.g. poor weather or dark nights.
  • Easy to maneuver These chocks can be fitted with a rope attachment if you choose. This will make it easier to move and handle. These chocks are sold as single units or in pairs. You choose. 
  • You can also choose chocks of varying lengths or varying colors: 
    • 16 Inch Chocks •Black •Yellow •Red 
    • 24 Inch Chocks •Black •Yellow •Red 
    • 45 Inch Chocks •Black •Yellow •Red 
 But if these colors just don't cut it for you, contact us at and we'll be sure to help you find your match!

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