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Two channel, 4.5" Xtreme Duty, one bonus 2" channel Cord Cover


The XG2400 heavy duty protector boasts of two channels, 4.5 inch apiece and comes with an extra 2 inch channel. This heavy duty protector allows you to run your cables on the ground instead of trenching them, re-routing or running them overhead. It has a load bearing capacity that carries between 300 and 500 tonnes for mining trucks and related.
The XG2400 is designed for extreme heavy load conditions in any industry. Unlike light duty cable protectors that are designed for foot-traffic and light vehicles the XG2400 is designed to bear the heaviest loads in any industry. The XG2400 has a Load Bearing capacity of 80,000 lbs per axle or 500 tons for mining equipment. Each unit weighs 100 pounds.

It is designed with a tread pattern and fish bone connectors, this increases its load bearing capacity. These cable channels are compliant with the ADA, their design is such that they have longer inclined ramps leading to the cable cover area that allows easy passage for wheelchairs.
The hinge-top cable cover features a hinged opening at the top of the cover, through which cables are added, instead of a drop-over or feed through design. This ensures that the cables inside stay secured so that they remain undamaged. It also has hose bridges that are coverage ramp systems for hoses, pipes, ducts as well as any conduit that’s larger than a standard cable. This heavy duty system usually also has a drop-over style installation with traction pads on the bottom to keep the cover from sliding off. It is applicable in a wide variety of industries including the oil and gas industry, mining, manufacturing and other heavy duty industries. It has an inter-connectable body for infinite length possibilities and easy handling, this allows for extensions that increase the product’s applications.


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