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Twist Lock 50A Receptacle Locking Device

Get these premium 50A locking devices from Hubbell, made and designed exclusively by Hubbell. 
  • These receptacles are made with tough Nylon they have a better impact quality than other locking devices. 
  • They also feature insulgrip.
  • The Stainless steel shroud attachment prevents &restricts mismating, by requiring a proper fit with other device plug ins.
  • All these receptacles have one piece contacts that provide low operating temperatures.
  • The receptacles feature armored housing which provides superior impact resistance 
  • Thermoplastic polyester interior provides heat resistance and impact strength 

The receptacles have high electrical performance: 
  • The receptacles are certified for current interrupting at full rated current 
  • The Dielectric Voltage can withstands 2000V minimum
  • The receptacle plug ins have operating temperatures of between 75°C Maximum continuous and –40°C minimum without impact. 

At 50 Amps these receptacles devices are made for extra heavy duty industrial applications, that are intended for indoor use but nonetheless designed to withstand the hardy, harsh environments that are common place in the entertainment industry. 
•Stage/Studio Power • Portable Power Distributions • Lighting • On Location Filming • Carnivals, Theme Parks, and Fairs.
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