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Twist Lock 20A Male Locking Devices

Hubbell's flagship Twist Lock Connecting Devices, proudly designed and made by Hubbell in the USA, are the premier connecting devices & plugs in the industry! 
  • All our Locking Devices have an insulated body and importantly they are corrosion resistant making them long lasting
  • These plug devices have dual cord grip of maximum that is superior in design, made to protect the terminations from excess strain.
  • Dust resistant shield that is integral around the wiring chamber, protecting it from dust and contaminants.
  • The device plugs are constructed from tough nylon, making the device high impact, heat and chemical resistant.
  • The plugs are fitted with screw terminals and have 3 Pole 4 wire grounding and the mounting hardware is cord mounted
  • Device are either all black or black & white, designed to blend into the background aesthetically, keeping the focus on the entertainment
These plug devices have a high electrical performance
  • The devices are certified for current interrupting at full rated current
  • The connector bodies operate with a dialectical voltage that withstands 2000V minimum.
  • Operating Temperature: Maximum continuous 75°C and minimum -40°C without Impact 
The devices are industrial grade for heavy duty applications, ideally for indoor use but designed to withstand the hardy, harsh environments that are common place in the entertainment industry. Stage/studio power, Portable power distributions, Lighting, On location filming, Carnivals, Theme parks, and fairs ATI is here to help. 
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