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Terminal Connector Strip Block 30A, 10 way

SKU MAR-TB-118-10P
A terminal connector is a block with module design and an insulated frame around it. It is used to connection two or more wires together in a manner that is safer and more convenient that the stripping insulation of wires and twisting them. Each block usually contains several terminals to create the modular design. This design is also what enables the connection of more than one wire at a time. Terminal blocks offer a much more secure and organized wire to make wire connections. This particular connection terminal is ideal for isolated connections up to 30A and suitable for connecting tails from AC and DC panels. The Insulated body of this terminal connecter block can be easily mounted or unmounted as required and features the typical current carrying element and base for secure clamping. 
Features of terminal block: 
  • Connection: 10 –way
  • Current: 30
  • Max. current: 30

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