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Steel CGB Non-armored Cable Gland

Cable glands are critical for terminating cables. These devices attach to and secure the ends of electrical cables to equipment in a range of industries and applications. Cable Glands serve a range of purposes in this process of attaching and securing:
  • Strain relief – the offer support for cables that can often get strained and stressed particularly in heavy duty usage. 
  • Prevent cable twisting 
  • Sealing cables that pass through bulkheads
  • Earth, grounding, insulation, bonding – they add an extra electrical safety precaution by grounding cables and wires
  • Contain electrical spark/flames 
  • Repel contaminants e.g. dust, dirt, fluids & moisture
  • Work in hazardous/harsh environments 
  • These are CGB glands made for two types of cable: Non Armoured & Tray Cables. 

They are suitable for a range of flexible cords including: 
  • TC
  • TC-ER
  • TC-ER-HL
  • ITC
  • ITC-ER
  • ITC-HL
  • PLTC

These CGB glands made of Iron Ally or Steel, depending on which form they take:
  • Form A - D bodies and gland nuts: steel with zinc electroplate and chromate finish coat
  • Form E - F bodies and gland nuts: Feraloy® iron alloy with electrogalvanized and aluminum acrylic paint
  • Option of Aluminum
  • featuring a non-armoured gland type 

  • Weatherproof seal on outer sheath of cable
  • Available with NPT threads
  • Available in all aluminum construction
  • Standard neoprene seal
  • NEMA 3R

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