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Snap Back Covers for 16 Series, 3R enclosures

Hubbell brings you these premium Snap Back Covers for Series 16 - 300 and 400 Amp, 600 Volts single pole devices. These receptacle covers are protective caps, specifically designed for use only on 3R single pole devices. 
  • Receptacle cover plate is made from steel and finished with a powder coat, they are durable and resistant able to withstand long use.
  • The protective cap is self-closing, snapping back into place automatically and ensuring a secure, fitted and permanent protective cover
  • Available either as panel cover mounted via a through hole or panel cover mounted via threading
  • Receptacles covers available in range of colors suited for color coding in large operations for easy phase identification 

Similar to the panel mount receptacles they are designed for, these covers can be used for high ampacity connections and are well suited for dry indoor use e.g theater, stage & studio.
Panel mount receptacles covers are used to cover connectors in a range of applications: stage/studio power, lighting, carnivals, theme parks, 'on-location' filming 
  • Through Hole Mounting 
    • HBLSCBK (Black) 
    • HBLSCW (White) 
    • HBLSCGN (Green) 
    • HBLSCR (Red) 
    • HBLSCBL (Blue) 
    • HBLSCBN (Brown) 
    • HBLSCO (Orange) 
    • HBLSCY (Yellow) 
  • Threaded Mounting Holes
    • HBLSCCBK (Black)
    • HBLSCCW (White) 
    • HBLSCCGN (Green) 
    • HBLSCCR (Red) 
    • HBLSCCBL (Blue) 
    • HBLSCCBN (Brown) 
    • HBLSCCO (Orange) 
    • HBLSCCY (Yellow) 

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