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Single channel, 1" x 4"Cord Cover, black- Glow


The Drop over is a single channel protective cover that is 1 inches wide and 4 inch tall. It works great for office and outdoor cable projects coming in the color black. Though it is only one channel it accommodates a multitude of products. This is a simple and efficient way to product your cables hoses and pipes. This product offers the most visible glow in the dark cable protector on the market. With the best grade strontium aluminate allows the protector to maintain its visibility, this is because it on requires 10 seconds of UV exposure to be fully charged. This makes these protectors excellent for dark conditions.

Made of solid cast polyurethane based constructs this makes this product a must have. Natural and man-made elements our products hold up against them all and comply with all safety requirements. Transportation ease and installation that we have made simple means this product can be adapted to meet all your cable guard needs. With our lifetime warranty and offering premium material characteristics, no wonder all our products are USA made! Be it trucks going over cables or people on roads we will get your loads from one side of the cables to the other easily and safely. This product was made to protect cables and cable protection is exactly what it will do.

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