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ShorePower Straight Adapter, 125V Male To 125V Female

SKU MAR-S15-30
Straight Adapters are high-quality, one-piece adapters. Application These adapters allow you to connect from one receptacle to another. This line of adapters are useful because while they feature all the quality aspects of Marinco EEL Marine Grade adapters, they are specifically designed for use in dry conditions. Use only in an enclosed, dry location, such as powering your boat from a 15A power receptacle that is located inside your house. 
NOTE: This line of adapters does not have sealing collar to make it watertight and are therefore not recommended for use in wet locations. 
  • These adapters have EEL, easily engaged lock. When engaged they clamp down to create safe secure connection 
  • They contain corrosion resistant nickel-plated contacts
  • LED power indicator 
  • Ergonomic design for easier grip

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