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Series 16 Non-Metallic Weather Protective Lift Covers

These covers are weatherproof, fully able to protect Series 16 Single Pole devices and accessories, from elements including water ingress. 
These covers are NEMA rated Enclosures: 
  • Rated 4X passing the hose down test, preventing water from entering when sprayed directly with a hose.
  • When cover is closed the enclosure has a rating of 3R, 3RX, 12 protecting against dust, dirt, rain, sleet, water & moisture. 

Other protective and safety features include:
  • Nylon housing
  • Pass the 1000 repetition hinge cycling test making them UL1640 and UL498 listed 
  • Impact and UV resistant 
  • Corrosion resistant: with a stainless steel pin and hinge, the cover will not easily corrode after exposure to elements 
  • These covers are used for series 16 single pole devices used in the entertainment industry – stage/studio, portable power distribution, lighting, on-location, carnivals, theme parks. 

Electric Specifications: 
  • Amperage: 400A 
  • Current/Amperage Rating: 400A 
  • Voltage Rating Description: 600 V AC/250V DC 

Available in Black, White, Green, Red, Blue, Brown, Orange, Yellow and Clear, making them highly visible. 
These covers fit the following receptacles: - Panel Mount Receptacles, Study Type (Through Hole Mounting or Threaded Mounting) - Panel Mount Receptacles, Double Set Screw (HBLFRxx & HBLMRxx) - Receptacles, Bus Bar Mount (HBLFRBxx & HBLMRBxx)

Customer Reviews

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Darick Sargent
Tunnel Hill

I received exactly what I was needing. So glad you had these in stock and delivered them so quickly. I ordered additional covers which arrived today.Very efficient. I will be using your services more often in the future now that I’ve found you.

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