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ProLock Lighted SJTW Extension Cord with CGM

SKU CEN-D14410050BL
Get this heavy duty electrical cord, named the Pro Lock Extension. Patented by Century wire for two amazing key features: it won’t pull apart and it has CGM, continuous ground monitoring! Locked extension cord won’t accidentally pull apart When you insert the standard matching 15A-125V, 3 conductor male plug into this female connector, it locks in place so that it won’t accidentally disconnect while in use. And when you’re ready, just simply pull down on the connector collar and you’re ready to go. This makes it perfect for use in robust and busy commercial or industrial contexts.
  • It has excellent abrasion resistance and resistance to chemicals.
  • These are -58°F (-50°C) PVC jacketed extension cable offering great flexibility because it is weather resistant working well in freezing to cold weather.
  • The SJTW cable material, meets safety standards as it is also flame retardant. Continuous ground monitoring connector light indicator These extension cables feature a green light indicator which shows that there is ground continuity in the circuit. Simply put, the cord is grounded safely when the green light is on. This electrical extension cord has other specialty lighting features making it a better buy than normal electrical cords.
  • The lighted amber ends act as status indicators, letting you know that the cord is plugged in, operating with power running through
  • The extension cord itself if more visible in the dark, or around corners Key Performance Features
  • Each cord is manufactured according to AWG (American Wire Gauge) specifications – either 10/3 AWG or 12/3 AWG
  • These Cords contains three conductors with strands of 30 AWG 100% copper wire in accordance with standards
  • Century Wire uses high impact poly carbonate on the housing and collar to guarantee hard service and extra duty use.
  • These cables have impressive pull strength 80lbs both horizontally or vertically
  • UL Listed, cUL OSHA Ask about our custom print program for your heavy duty cords.

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