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Pro Grip® 8/3 STW Lighted Welding Cords with CGM

SKU CEN-D13308025
Get these premium welding extension cords that feature our Pro Grip™ function! Pro Grip Handle for easy & safe disconnect. The handles of the plug and the connector are molded for strong connect that won’t accidentally pull away. Instead these handles conveniently slide and fold out of the way when not in use offering a safe and easy disconnect. Use with portable welders 400Amps or less. Designed for use with portable MIG welders like Lincoln, Miller or Hobart rated at 400Amps or less. These cords will remain flexible and pliable under a full welding load. 
  • Continuous Ground Monitoring 
  • These extension cables feature a green light indicator which shows that there is ground continuity in the circuit. Simply put, the cord is grounded safely when the green light is on.
  • This electrical extension cord has lighted amber letting you know that the cord is plugged in. High Performance Features.
  • Manufactured to 8/3 AWG (American Wire Gauge) specification  
  • Each of the 3 conductors contain 133 strands of 29 gauge 100% copper wire
  • All copper is soft drawn & annealed for maximum flexibility under load
  • Our cold weather PVC insulation and jacket guarantees working flexibility in temperatures down to -40°F 
  • Special hard service “STW” 600V thermo-vinyl jacket resists oil, grease and ozone
  • Heavy-duty molded-on 50A-250V NEMA 6-50 plug and connector will not pull away from the cord body
  • Lighted amber Power Check plug indicates power
  • Lighted green Ground Check connector indicates ground continuity
  • Designed for use with portable MIG welders like Lincoln, Miller or Hobart
  • Jacket color: Black
  • Lengths: 25ft, & 50ft 
  • cETLus Listed for USA and Canada
  • Custom printing of company name on cable available upon request.

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