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Pro Classic 12/3 SJTW Triple Tap Extension Cord

SKU CEN-D15613010
All our heavy duty extension cords have excellent abrasion resistance, great working flexibility in cold weather, and superior resistance to many chemicals. These durable cords are also flame retardant and weather resistant, designed to give you many years of reliable service. Extension Cords for versatile applications e.g. outdoor & appliance use
  • 3 way electrical outlet adapter to use for multiple tools, appliances or functions
  • Basic extension cords for home use including a multitude of appliances
  • Work as designed for heavy duty operations such as construction site, using heavy duty equipment like power saws. Plus the coating makes it perfect for outdoor environments
  • Come in a range of lengths – 15, 25, 50, or 100 ft. – select the length that suits your need. We recommend selecting one with added length to prevent stretching and fraying High Performance Features of electrical cords
  • These extension cords have the following electrical rating :15A, 125V, 1875W
  • Each cord is manufactured according to AWG (American Wire Gauge) specifications – 12/3 AWG
  • These Cords contains three conductors with strands of 30 AWG 100% copper wire in accordance with standards
  • Century Wire uses high impact polycarbonate on the housing and collar to guarantee hard service and extra duty use.
  • These are PVC jacketed extension cable offering great flexibility with operating temperature between 60°C to -40°C (140°F to -40°F).
  • The SJTW cable material, meets safety standards as it is also flame retardant
  • UL Listed, cUL OSHA Custom Printing of company name on cable available upon request.

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