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PowerTech® 12/3 SJTW Triple Tap Extension Cord with Inline GFCI

SKU CEN-D18020003
Get these Power Tech Cords from Century Wire which offer extra shock protection! Extension Cords with 3 way electrical outlet The 3 way electrical outlet adapter offers greater use flexibility allowing you to run multiple appliances, tools or functions at the same time. This electrical extension cord is great for basic home use including a multitude of appliances but is perfect for heavy duty operations, as designed. Protect tools from electrical surge on construction sites, outdoors (e.g. power saws) or on industrial sites. GFCI united for built it surge protection 
  • Fitted with Century Wire’s patented GFCI unit, they have a built in surge protection that prevent damage to your electrical including tools and appliances.
  • The unit has a 4-6mA trip level. And in addition to surge protection, offers neutral protection and ground neutral protection. The GFCI has a manual reset feature that ensures that equipment won’t have accidental restarts without fixing the issue, providing additional protection for you, your tools and your equipment. High Performance Features 
  • Power On indicator (Red means on)
  • Cords are manufactured to 12/3 AWG (American Wire Gauge) specifications
  • Each of the three conductors contain 65 strands of 30 AWG 100% copper wire
  • All copper is soft drawn & annealed for maximum flexibility under full load
  • Our Century® cold weather PVC insulation and jacket guarantees working flexibility in temperatures down to -40°F
  • SJTW outside jacket is rated at 300 volts
  • We use heavy duty molded on 15A-125V NEMA 5-15 plugs & connectors that will not to pull away from the cord body
  • Cord Jacket color: Yellow
  • Lengths: 25ft, 50ft & 100ft
  • Surge Suppression: 13 Joules
  • UL Listed and CSA Approved for Canada 
  • Custom printing of company name on cable available upon request.

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