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PowerPact B Unit Mount 3 Pole Molded Case Circuit Breaker - 600Y/347V


PowerPact B Molded Case Circuit Breakers offer proven performance, flexibility, reliability, and provides economical thermal-magnetic circuit protection. This PowerPact B Molded Case Circuit Breaker features new innovative patented EverLink lug connections on both line and load end. Available in 15A to 125A current rating, and a breaking capacity of 14kA to 25kA, depending on the model, at 600Y/347 VAC 50/60 Hz. It is certified to UL, NEMA, IEC, CSA, NMX, GB Standards. 


  • 137 mm (H)
  • 81 mm (W)
  • 80 mm (D)
  • Weighs 1.074 kg

Detailed Specifications:

SQD-BDL36015, SQD-BDL36020, SQD-BDL36025, SQD-BDL36030, SQD-BDL36035, SQD-BDL36040, SQD-BDL36045, SQD-BDL36060, SQD-BDL36070, SQD-BDL36080, SQD-BDL36100, SQD-BDL36125, SQD-BGL36015, SQD-BGL36020, SQD-BGL36025, SQD-BGL36030, SQD-BGL36035, SQD-BGL36040, SQD-BGL36045, SQD-BGL36060, SQD-BGL36070, SQD-BGL36080, SQD-BGL36100, SQD-BGL36125, SQD-BJL36015, SQD-BJL36020, SQD-BJL36025, SQD-BJL36030, SQD-BJL36035, SQD-BJL36040, SQD-BJL36045, SQD-BJL36060, SQD-BJL36070, SQD-BJL36080, SQD-BJL36100, SQD-BJL36125


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