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Plenum GenSPEED 5000 Category 5e Cable, 1000' Box

Category 5e twisted cable for computer networks. This is a 1000 foot plenum cable range. These GenSPEED 5000 Category 5e Cables are designed for data transmission including across the following networks: 
  • Used for broadband transmission
  • Baseband Analog video broadcast
  • Copper Distributed Data Interface (CDDI), Token Ring, ATM
  • Suitable for Ethernet Based network cables such as IEEE 802,3:1000 BASE-T, 100 BASE-TX, 10 BASE-T, PoE, PoE+ 
This plenum range is low smoke and flame retardant, perfect for that plenum laying space in your building. It is safe and less hazardous. These Plenum cables have a range of features that benefit users beyond other makes and cable wire manufacturers:
  • They are engineered to provide stable and continuous performance
  • The cables are designed to operate at a guaranteed frequency of up to 200MHz.
  • The cable are part of the TRU-Mark ® brand designs which have footage markings from 1000’ to 0’
  • 24 AWG Solid Bare annealed copper conductor
  • Rip cord applied longitudinally under the jacket
  • The Plenum jacket is low-smoke and flame retardant PVC
  • Insulation is plenum type of fluoropolymer
  • It is important to note that General Cable has designed these cables in accordance with industry standards: UL Listed, ICEA listed and RoHS Compliant 
Electrical Characteristics
  • DC resistance [max]: 9.38 
  • DC Resistance unbalanced [max] individual pair %: 4.00 
  • Delay skew [max] (ns/100m): 45 
  • Nom. Velocity of Propagation (%Speed of Light): CMP: 72, CMR: 70 
  • Characteristic Impedance (frequency: 1-200MHz): 0hms (100±15) 
Physical Data
  •  Nominal Cable Diameter (in): 0,180 
  • Nominal Cable Weight (lbs/1000ft): 21 
  • Minimum Bend Radius (in): 1.0 
  • Maximum Pulling Force (lbs): 25 
  • Temperature Rating (°C) Installation at 0 to +60 Operation at -20 to +75

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