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Mastervolt Battery Isolator

SKU MAR-83007021
Many systems are built with two or more batteries. Typically one battery charges the starting functions and powers main operations, while the second (and other batteries) are used to power accessory features of the system (e.g. audio). In these systems the current runs in one direction and sometimes the depletion of the secondary battery affects the charge of the primary battery. That’s where Battery Isolators come in. Isolators prevent that by dividing the current into multiple branches with minimal energy loss. Battery isolators will allow you to charge several batteries from a single power source at the same time. Note: These battery isolators are based on conventional diode technology. The diode voltage drop (ca. 0.6V) can be compensated for by adapting the output voltage of the connected charger or alternator. Mastervolt battery chargers and Alpha Pro MB charge regulators come as standard with automatic compensation for voltage drops. These Isolators are most commonly used in the following applications, where there is one battery to run an engine and an accessory battery to power other loads :
  • Recreational vehicles 
  • Boats 
  • Utility vehicles 
  • Airplanes
  • Large trucks 

  • Compact and lightweight Isolators – the smallest of these isolators weighs just 1,3 lbs while the largest weights 2,9 lbs
  • The isolators are Robust and durable – made to be corrosion proof with aluminium heat sink, and fitted with electrical components encased in synthetic material 
  • Easy installation - these isolators have synthetic end plates with connection lugs, solid bolt connections with nuts and locking rings. All of these items ensure easy installation.

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