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Marinco 30 Amp Power Cord Plus Cordset

SKU MAR-199119

Marinco cordsets are made with the highest quality marine-grade construction for use in a variety of environments. The watertight molded plug and connectors provide added durability and safety for your electrical connections. with features you won’t find on other power cords. The heavy duty material is still flexible to allow for curving around corners or along bends on your jobsite. The strong molded connector is equipped with a thumbprint to fit securely in your hands and also to indicate that your connectors are in the correct position before joining, then locks firmly in place with just a 1/8 turn.

-30A/10AWG flexible Marine Grade cable
-Standard threaded ring allows you to hook into threaded inlets
-Includes nickel plated contacts to prevent corrosion
-Molded in power indicator light provides visual confirmation of power


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