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Locking Receptacles with Isolated Ground

Receptacles are electrical sockets that are fitted to walls, connected to power suppliers and equipped to receive plugs. ATI supplies isolated ground receptacles from Marinco. Isolated ground receptacles are intended for use in applications that require minimal noise interference. These devices are constructed and wired in a way that helps prevent electrical electromagnetic noise that would interfere with audio, video, and computer equipment. These isolated grounding devices are particular useful in environments that are sensitive to noise:
  • Broadcast studio equipment
  • Staging & entertainment equipment 
  • Fire-protection equipment 
  • Hospital/healthcare equipment 
  • Data center equipment Isolated Grounding 
  • Ground terminals directly connect to service entrance grounding system, unlike conventional receptacles grounded to box, fittings and other system components 
  • Isolated grounding to the service entrance is in accordance with NEC Article 250.146 
  • Isolated Grounded indicated by triangle on receptacle housing Long Lasting, Durable Nylon Housing 
  • Glassfilled Nylon housing tough and resistant to corrosion and a lot of chemicals 
  • Nylon housing UL listed for continuous use at 130°C 
  • Nylon housing UL 94V-O for flame retardant 
  • Solid brass Mounting straps, rivets and grounding strip Electrical Features Rated 30A and 20A with 2 poles and 3 wire plugs and connections 
  • Dialectical Withstanding Voltage: >3000 V Heat Rise: Maximum 30°C after 100 cycles at 150% of rated current 
  • Terminal & Contacts: clamp type terminals provide wire holding. Rivetless, one piece contacts eliminate joint resistance 
  • Terminal & Clamp Screws: #10 solid brass for excellent conductivity. 
  • Can accept up to #6 ring terminal 
  • Terminal Cover: Clear Polycarbonate 
  • Cord Accommodation: 0,680”-1,125” 
  • Terminal Accommodation: #14-8

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