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Locking Connectors and Plugs Devices with Neon Glow

Standard plug and connectors devices can over time unplug as a result of vibrating machinery and or the repeated use of equipment. Locking devices however lock into position in the outlet so that they remain secure and won’t disconnect. This prevents interruption of work flow. These Locking Connect Glow Devices are also particularly useful because they can be used to test circuits, because the connectors light up when circuit energized. 
This offers other useful benefits:
  • Saves time because no need for time consuming circuit testing 
  • Neon light allows you to easily see circuit status and determine problems/issues quickly
  • Helpful for testing drop cords or extension cords when difficult to get to connection point 

These plugs and connectors can be used to monitor the connection status of a range of electrical circuits including: 
  • Power-driven hand tools
  • Electrical industrial equipment
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Broadcast studio equipment
  • Staging & entertainment equipment
  • Fire-protection equipment
  • Hospital/healthcare equipment
  • Temporary taps at construction sites Bright Neon Bulb 

  • Neon bulb visible from 360°
  • Mag-Vu™ window magnifies bulb and terminal for easy inspection, makes visual verification of condition of terminal circuit fast and easy Long Lasting, 
  • Durable Nylon Housing
  • Nylon housing tough and resistant to corrosion and a lot of chemicals
  • Nylon housing UL listed for continuous use at 125°C 
  • Nylon housing UL 94V-2 for flame retardant
  • Bevelled housing – won’t get caught on equipment
  • Ribbed housing allows for secure grip during placement • Solid brass blades and contacts for excellent conductivity 
  • Exclusive Perma-Lock™ wire terminals that provide secure and easy to wire connections 

Electrical Specification 
  • Rated 15A and 20A with 2 poles and 3 wire plugs and connections 
  • Dialectical Withstanding Voltage: >3000 V 
  • Heat Rise: Maximum 30°C after 100 cycles at 150% of rated current 
  • Cord Clamp: Nylon Terminal & Contacts: 
  • Solid Brass Terminal & Clamp Screws: #10 solid brass for excellent conductivity 
  • Terminal Cover: Clear Polycarbonate 
  • Cord Accommodation: 0,680”-1,125” 
  • Terminal Accommodation: #10-4

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