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Load Bank Docking Station – Standard Model

Save 6%
Original Price $3,548.12
Current Price $3,326.36
Save 6%
Original Price $3,548.12
Current Price $3,326.36

The Load Bank Docking Station is a device designed to develop an electrical load, apply the load to a power source, and dissipate the power output safely. This allows for easy routine maintenance and testing of various power sources. The Standard Model is rated for 400A, 800A, and 1200A configurations and has a voltage rating of up to 600VAC. This is a wall-mounted enclosure with a Female CAM Lock Quick Connection System. The Standard Model measures 36 in H x 30 in W x 12 in D. To see a larger unit with more amperage options, visit the Large Model here.

Load Bank Docking Stations allow you to test backup power source performance on generators and more. Load banking is the process of testing a generator with an “artificial load” to see if the generator can operate properly at its rated amperage.  A Load Bank provides a measurable electrical load and helps guarantee that a system is capable of full load operation before it is energized. You can identify problems in backup power sources right away and make an informed decision from there.

The CAM Connectors are UL/CSA Listed single-pole and they are color coded to phase-match appropriate voltages. It comes equipped with industry-standard Series 16 Female Input CAM Locks enclosed within a pad-lockable enclosure. The bottom of the LBS enclosure includes a hinged access panel for generator CAM-type connector feeder cables, and the inlets cannot be accessed unless the door is open.

All our Load Bank Docking Stations can stand up to commercial and industrial working conditions. This Load Bank Docking Station is NEMA 4/12 rated ready to perform indoors or outdoors and can withstand exposure to dirt, debris, and wind-driven rain. The LBS is built from durable 0.075” (14-gauge) carbon steel to ensure long life and corrosion resistance.

The LBS is cULus UL 891 Listed. A series of stringent testing validates that it will operate safely and reliably as intended. These tests range from overload, endurance, and interruption testing criteria in addition to all mechanical construction requirements. All Power Assemblies products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment from the manufacturer.

Key Features:

  • 400A, 800A, 1200A Configurations
  • 400A: 1 CAMs/Phase
  • 800A: 2 CAMs/Phase
  • 1200A: 3 CAMs/Phase
  • Voltage Rating Up to 600 VAC
  • 36”H x 30”W x 12”D
  • Wall-Mounted
  • Female CAM Lock Quick Connection System
  • Power Input: Industry Standard Series 16 Female CAM Locks
  • Power Output:  Silver-plated Copper Bus Bar Mount
  • Lockable
  • 3-point Latching Mechanisms
  • Enclosure Rated NEMA 4/12
  • Watertight
  • PowerTEK™ Series
  • 0.075” (14-Gauge) Carbon Steel
  • UL 891 Listed – Transfer Switch Equipment
Common Applications:
  • Hospitals
  • Data Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Food Production & Storage Facilities
  • Airports
  • Emergency Situations

Please Note: Power Assemblies products are built to order. Please check lead time under the specification tab to avoid any delays. Items will ship by your selected shipping method upon completion. Customers have the option to add an expedited fee of 25% if needed before the lead time period. This fee will not be charged online as we need prior confirmation from the production facility.

Save 6%
Original Price $3,548.12
Current Price $3,326.36
Save 6%
Original Price $3,548.12
Current Price $3,326.36

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