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Leviton 6033 Boot Locking Plug

SKU LEV-6033

This Leviton 6033 Boots locking plug devices are industrial grade, offering high performance, maximum safety for longer-lasting periods. Select either the black for a low profile blend or yellow for high visibility. 


  • Made of long-lasting, durable thermoplastic elastomer
    • Rubber material that is resistant to water, oil, and dirt 
    • The elastomer is also weather-resistant able to endure well in harsh environments  
    • This material offers better flexibility and is recyclable Locking
  • Mechanism backed by a lifetime warranty
    • Leviton’s 6033 boots feature a straight locking blade.
    • Each Boot has triple seal action that protects the connector and plug and prevents dirt and moisture from entering.
    • The thermoplastic cover has a fluted grip-ring designed surface. This provides secure non-slip grip even in wet or moist conditions 
  • Electrical specifications 
    • Voltage rating of 125VAC with a current rating of 20 or 30 Amps
    • It can accommodate four to five wires Environmental specifications 
    • It is HB flammability rated to provide protection from hazardous environmental damages. 
    • These 6033 Boot connectors and plugs can withstand a temperature of -40° to 90°C for operation.

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