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Leviton 17 Series Panel Mount CAM Locks, Threaded Stud Termination, 250-750MCM, 690 Amp Max

The 17 Series Panel Mount Cam Locks can withstand gruelling, heavy-duty industrial use. Applications include generator test stations, water purification plants, electro-chemical machining equipment and other general industrial uses. 

Benefits and Features
  • They are insulated for water tightness and safety. 
  • They allow you to quickly connect or disconnect equipment 
  • They are inter-mate able and compatible with other competitive brand cam type products (can be retrofitted) 
  • They are durable – shatter and crack proof because of the santoprene TPV they are made off 
  • Self-compensating for wear and use – the male contact has a slit to provide for spring action during longer use 
  • Vibration proof connection with high conductivity - will not vibrate or loosen, ensuring maximum efficiency 
  • UL listed 

Electrical Specifications
  • Max. Amperage: 690 Amp 
  • Max. Voltage: 600 Volt 
  • Cable Range: 250-750MCM AWG 
  • Connection Type: Threaded Stud 

Material Specifications
  • Contact Material: Brass 
  • Sleeve Material: Neoprene 

Available Options
  • 17R21 range – Male, 90 degree
  • 17R22 range – Female, 90 degree 
  • 17R23 range – Male, 30 degree 
  • 17R24 range – Female, 30 degree

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