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Hand Held Attached Lid Container

SKU BUC-AC21151202
In any business being able to move your product or tools is critical to success. Buckhorn’s plastic storage containers are designed just for that. Ensure the safe and efficient handling of your items with these handheld boxes. Suitable for use in temperatures as low at -20°F and as high as 120°F, these boxes offer versatility of use in a wide range of conditions. Delivery & Distribution containers These containers are so well designed that they are used by retail distributors, convenience & drug stores, grocery shops and general manufacturers to deliver, load and transport their products with ease between stores or to customers. 
Moving Box storage containers - These boxes are ideal for relocating. The hardy plastic material of the container, shields and protects your valuables. In addition, each container is designed to be stackable making them ideal for loading and packing onto trucks and vans. 
  • Strong & durable – the containers are made of injection-molded HDPE.
  • Stackable – the boxes are designed to be stacked on top of each other allowing you maximum storage capacity.
  • Textured Bottom – the base of the boxes are textured, built with groves for strong grip on floors or conveyor belts.
  • Attached lid – allows you to have optimal product protection and because it’s attached it will save on operating time and costs of loading to and from. 
  • Nest – when empty the boxes can be nested (place into each other) to save space. 
  • These containers are also 100% recyclable, meaning your business and company can add to its eco-friendly profile, by using these containers.

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