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Generac Air-Cooled Standby Generator Maintenance Kits

SKU GEN-6485

The Generac air cooled scheduled Maintenance kits* includes all the hardware necessary to complete the recommended routine maintenance on an automatic standby generator. Recommended Maintenance is at every 100-200 hours or annually. Maintenance intervals may vary by model, please refer to manual for the model requirements.

  • These kits* are equipped with oil and air filters, and spark plugs to provide regular maintenance.
  • Ensure optimum performance and long life of your standby generator with Generac Schedule maintenance kits.
  • The maintenance kits listed are for 2013 models only. For maintenance items for older models, please contact us at 800-597-9311.

Available Options:

• 6 kW, 530cc
• 7kW, 420cc – PowerPact
• 7kW, 432cc – Core Power
• 8kW, 410cc – (For 2013 and later HSB models)
• 11kW, 530cc – (For 2013 and later HSB models)
• 13kW through 17kW, 992cc – (For 2013 and later HSB models)
• 15kW EcoGen & 20kW Synergy, 999cc
• 20kW & 22kW EcoGen, 999cc – (For 2013 and later HSB models)

*Kit contents may vary by model. Oil not Included.





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