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Single Channel 1" Cable Protector


This product is a Light Duty one Channel Cable guard. With an offering of 1 to 1.38 inches in channel width this product is perfect for your small cable projects. Although small in size compared to our other offerings this product is designed to hold a considerable heavy load making it strong enough to support vehicles and pedestrians alike. This product provides the best in cable protection.
Exceptionally low profile and push buttons that are connected to the lid of the Cable guard ensuring complete lid closure and cable security. The amazing black base and orange lid stand out to allow the ease of sight for drivers and pedestrians. With its slip-resistant surface pattern, this product no only protects your cables but also minimize slips and falls. Remember the interlocking design gives you’re the freedom for linking multiple Lite Guards with one another for short or long runs. Also never forget that these guards are made to withstand temperatures ranging from blizzards to heat waves.