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Five channel, 1 3/8", 45 degree left Cord Cover

SKU ELS-UG5140-45L

These cable guards come in a 3-foot length Standard. As would likely happen, there are times when a project requires cables to go in multiple directions and the 45 degree left angled cable guards configure in a way that allows you to go in the direction you need. Not only protecting your cable from light and heavy duty loads but allowing you to zigzag when the need arises. Our product is made of Polyurethane, meaning it is not biodegradable, has a higher corrosion and abrasion resistance strength, less cracking and a high load handling capacity making it high in customization in material hardness.

It is applicable across all industries and its application varies from light to heavy duty projects. User experience is made consistently pleasant by ease of transportation as well as simple installation, our products are adjustable to meet your specific needs. An added advantage of this product is that a low profile cable ramp is designed for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. In the past we have offered the 5 channel protector, however more recently we introduced the first ever 7 channel protector on the market. This included an exclusive lid designed to enhance the safety of the product. The push button fasteners guarantee secure and complete lid closure at all times which makes it easy to understand why this collection now offers ADA Compliant cable protectors.