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Enviroline® Series Single Door Enclosures for Flange-Mounted Disconnects

  • These single enclosures are well suited for housing standard disconnects in the 0,075” thick carbon steel housing. 
  • Available in three sizes, you can select the enclosure that bests suits your disconnect needs. 
  • The enclosure can also store and secure other electrical instruments and components. 
  • For outdoor-use, a drip shield and drain hole is required. 

Plus, with two doors, these enclosures are perfect for use in industrial and heavy commercial environments: Oil refineries Chemical and petrochemical plants, Onshore plants, Fuel depots, Ships and shipbuilding, and Safety & Protective
  • These enclosures are NEMA rated and UL Listed. 
  • That means the housing is resistant to dust, oil and water ingress.
  • In addition the enclosures have the extra protection of flange trough collars on all sides of the opening doors, to prevent these items from entering through the edges, when the door is open 
  • The ANSI-61 gray powder coated carbon steel is also corrosion and UV resistant, able to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Mechanical Features
  • Seams continuously welded and ground smooth.
  • Flange trough collar around all sides of door opening.
  • Oil-resistant gasket.
  • Collar studs provided for mounting optional sub-panels.
  • Disconnect cutout provided on flange. Concealed hinges.
  • Doors are interchangeable and easily removed by pulling hinge pins. 3-point latching mechanism.
  • Latches are opened or closed with a screwdriver (optional tamper-resistant inserts are available).
  • Mounting holes on back of enclosure. 
  • Mounting hardware, sealing washers, and hole plugs included. 
  • Ground studs on door and body. 
  • Removable print pocket. 
  • Black zinc die cast coinproof/padlocking handle. 
  • Provision for Lifting 
  • Lugs included on enclosures with Height >48" and with Depth >16". 
  • Lifting Lug assembly will be included with the enclosure bolt pack and hole plugs provided to seal holes in bottom of enclosure.

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