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End set for 3125 series


The LG3125 end set is specifically designed to provide a smooth transition from the cable guard protector to the ground as it has an interlocking system ensuring that cables and wires are completely protected even as they exit the cable guard.

It completes the cable guard protector which covers cables and wires in industry, at home and any other facilities without having to dig the cable into the ground or run it overhead. The end set comes in a pair, comprising of one female and one male cap which keep all cables and wires from protruding unorganized. It has an interlocking system that is compatible with the LG3125 guard. While the guard covers the channels at the top, the end set ensures that there is a smooth transition between the cable guard protector and the ground. A bright orange colour is used to provide visibility for both pedestrians and drivers. Solid-cast polyurethane is the material used to make both the guard protector and the end sets making the cable protector durable even against pedestrians, wheel chairs, heavy work vehicles, carts and adverse weather conditions.