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Series 16 Single Pole 400Amp Double Set Screw Receptacles

Hubbell's heavy duty female & male receptacles come in a range of colors, are some of the industry best performing single pole connectors, designed for the most challenging environments. Powerful electrical performance - with Ampere Rating of 400A maximum and Voltage Rating of 600V AC Max, 250V DC Max, with Double Set screw 
Use these receptacles for reliable strong connections in a range of industry sectors, including: 
  • to power stages & studios
  • to connect portable power distributions boxes, generators and units 
  • to prove lighting on sets 
  • at carnivals, theme parks, fairs
  • on location filming 

  • The connectors have Insulgrip® for superior gripping & holding for quick easy connection or disconnection 
  • Receptacles have a turn and lock symbol to ensuring proper & secure connection 
  • These single pole connectors are fitted with brass contacts to improve performance and extend the life 
  • Receptacles are durable and hardy, made from thermoplastic elastomer, resist cracking in cold, hot or oil conditions 
  • These female & male receptacles have a high strength, non-conductive retaining screw which will securely lock the contacts to the insulated sleeve 
  • These single pole connectors are completely interchangeable with other manufacturers 
  • Enclosures of the receptacles are UL listed and rated Type 3R, 4X, 12 making them resistant to dust, dirt, oils, water & moisture

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Camlock connector

That was very good shipping and special the product .
Customer service was great
I will buy again.
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