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Deluxe Cord Wire Mesh Grips for Strain Relief


Wire and Cable Management Application with this deluxe wire mesh cord grips designed for strain relief. These grips provide strain relief by minimizing or distribution the tension caused by the arc of bend of wire at points of connection or termination.

  • Application of Deluxe Cord Grip Wire Mesh 
Sometimes the way a cord or cable has to be installed with result in strain at concentrated points. These form of the wire mesh is specifically designed as a strain relief grip. In other words, the wire mesh in this type of grip is built to 
    • Prevent the pull out of cords due to tension
    • Limit the arc of bend at the point of entry by making the bend less pronounced
  • Features a Deluxe Cord Grip Wire Mesh
    • Grip is made of woven stainless steel mesh with anodized aluminum body that is corrosion resistance
    • The weave construction helps absorb the impact of pulling, resist flexing & binding and strain on cable and cords
    • The aluminum fittings are tailored for a range of NPT (national pipe thread) thread sizes
    • Distribute strain over the length of mesh
  • Where can you use these deluxe cord grips?
    • Made of stainless steel these wire mesh grips can be used indoors or outdoors.
    • Use where moisture is present including pendant stations, processing equipment, hand tools, and extension cord sets 
    • Suitable for hazardous locations per Class I, Div.2; Class II, Div. 1 and 2 and Class II, Div. 1 and 2

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