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CPH 30 and 60 Amp Pin and Sleeve Plugs for CES and CESD Receptacles

CPH plug fits Powertite Series hazardous location receptacles. This range of Powertite Series Pin and Sleeve Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles is made to provide power, portable or fixed connection, to generator units, welders, pumps, compressors, cellular relay stations and SCR/VFD houses. They are useful for these items, precisely because they can with stand the strain and robust usage that occurs in such conditions. They are perfect for ‘ship to shore’ and backup/temporary power applications. In addition this Connector range can also be used in locations where weatherproof enclosure is required. Use them in and with conveyors, heaters, air conditioners. And use them at petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, plant and chemical plants. 

Benefits and Features
  • This Pin and Sleeve Plug is made to withstand harsh conditions and is explosion proof! One of the main features is the Delayed-Action Safety Construction with Slide-Lok® Design. To operate, insert plug to first stop, move Slide-Lok slide to right and push plug fully forward. Other features include. 
  • Made from Copper-free Aluminum housing 
  • Neoprene bushing keeps and seal out water and dust 
  • The brass contacts are widely spaces for extra safety, exert unique constant pressure along surface 
  • Brass contact have beryllium copper wire springs 
  • Style 2 has strong grounding straps 
  • Energized contracts are deeply recessed to reduce the danger of accidental touching and minimize exposed arcs 
  • Insulator blocks are made of glass filled polyester 
  • Insulator quenches the arching and is resistant to abnormal heat and fire 
  • Each plug has a mechanical cable clamp that provides strain relief 
  • Pressure wire terminals with screw grips conductors that are firm 
  • Ambient temperature range of -13°F to + 104°F Together with the 30Amp, 600 VAC connectors this plug type is rated NEMA 4X when clamping is fully tightened 

Electrical Specifications
  • Hazardous Area Classification 30 Amp: Class I, Division 1 and 2, Groups C, D OR 60 Amp CESD: Class I, Division 1 and 2, Groups D 
  • Amperage: 30 or 60 
  • Voltage: 125-250 Vac or 480 Vac 
  • Number of Poles: 3 or 4 
  • Number of Wires: 2 or 3 
  • Horsepower Ratings: 1-1/2, 3 or 5 
  • Plug Cable Diameter: 0,390 to 1,375 inches 
  • Mounting Box Entries: Dead-End 
  • Materials and Finishes: Receptacles, covers and caps are copperfree (4/10 of 1% max.) aluminium with ceramic burnished. Mounting box is malleable iron with triple-coat (1) zinc electroplate, (2) chromate and (3) epoxy powder coat finish. Insulating blocks are fiber glass reinforced

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