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CLS 18 Series Inline Ballnose Boot

CLS 18 Series Inline Boot These Inline Ballnose Boots are connector plugs that are part of the CLS 18 series range. These connectors are used to supply temporary electrical power for a range of applications, both indoor and outdoor. They are particularly well suited as replacements. For example these Ball Nose plugs are widely used in the broadcasting industry and welding industry because of their robust manufacturing. 
Other applications include: 
  • Sport, entertainment and movie industry 
  • Theme park and carnival equipment 
  • Concert Venues and Conventions Centers 
  • Motors and Generator Splices 
  • Mining Operations
  • Welding and Construction Sites 
  • Commercial and Navy Shipbuilding/Repair
  • Petrochemical and Manufacturing Plant Turnarounds

  • The Boots are rated NEMA type 3R/4 - they are weather proof, resistant to and durable in wet locations
  • The Santoprene TPV housing is durable and strong, shatterproof and resistant to cracking. 
  • The Ballnose Boots accepts #6–4/0 wire
  • The boot has a non-conductive retaining screw that passes through the metal contact and fastens at both ends to provide maximum resistance to excessive torque

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