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Class T Fuses 225A to 600 A

Fuses are electrical safety device that shield your components and machinery from electrical surges and over current in the circuit. These particular CLASS T fuses provide protection in high power circuits. Application These are suitable for use where extremely fast fuse blow characteristics are needed. For example premium battery technologies such as Mastervolt produce batteries that have a high short circuit current capability which standard fuses cannot interrupt. For the safest and best outcomes these fuses should be used with Pro Installer Class T Fuse Holders. 
  • The Class T fuses of 225A-400A fit in mounting studs on 10mm (3/8”). 
  • The Class T fuses of 450-600 amps fit in mounting studs of 12mm (1/2”) Mechanical

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Time delayed to allow temporary rush in current to pass
  • Open quickly when there are sustained overloads to protect circuits
  • Tested twice to ensure quality 

  • Interrupt Capacity: 20,000A DC 
  • Maximum Voltage: 160V DC 
  • Diameter: 1.34 inches (34 mm) 
  • Length: 2.77 inches (70 mm)

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