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Circuit Lock Fused Disconnect Switches

Get these circuit lock fused disconnect switches from Hubbell, made in the USA. 
  • These Fused disconnect switch suited for industrial grade applications with typical harsh environments. Can withstand exposure to water, chemicals oils and wash downs of industrial use. 
  • Hubbell's fusible switches are well suited for automation & process control in a range of heavy duty operations especially those requiring back up generators, compactors, loading doc equipment and large HVAC units. 

High Quality Performance Fuses and Switches:
  • The electrical operation has dialectric voltage that withstands 3000V AC minimum 
  • This fused switch can operate continuously, without impact between a maximum of 75°C and minimum -40°C. 
  • Fused disconnect switches accepts Class J fuses 
  • Three molded-in conduit fittings are found of the body of the enclosure, 2 on top and 1 at the back.
  • These fused products are also UL certified ensuring maximum safety and security. Rated and Certified gray 

Enclosure securely holds fused switch: 
  • This fusible switch enclosure has ingress protection 66 and Nema Type 4X 12 meaning the enclosure of this fused disconnect switch is watertight, dust-tight and Non-metallic.
  • The mechanical nature of the fused disconnect switch is impact resistant, UV resistant.
  • The door panel of this fused switched enclosure can be removed for ease of wiring during installation and or maintenance checks.
  • The door can also be locked to prevent unauthorized access and is also designed with another safety feature: if the switch is ON, the door cannot be opened. 
  • This fused disconnect features a lockable highly visible red switch handle to comply with the OSHA Lockout/Tagout standards
  • The enclosure of the fused disconnect features 4 adjustable mounting feet. The feet adjust to any 1 of 3 positions for suitable mounting. 
  • The Product Materials of this fusible switch are made from a composite of materials, listed: Enclosure material: PBT Frame & Ground Plate: Galvanized Steel Enclosure Gasket: Neoprene Enclosure screws: Stainless Steel Conduit Hub: Zinc, 1 in. Available in 30 Ampere or 60 Ampere. 
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