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Cam-LoK J-Series E-Z1016 Plugs, Cable Size #2-#1

SKU ECH-E-Z1016-7700
Staying connected is critical for any business. That why having the right tools is so important. This set of Cam-Lok J series connectors are the right tools. Designed for use in heavy duty demanding environments, these connectors will provide power for portable applications. 

These plugs are ideal for use at:
  • Fares/events 
  • Concerts and film sets
  • Entertainment applications 
  • Motors and generators 
Benefits and Features
  • This connectors series is insulated 
  • The plugs are shatter crack resistant and water tight 
  • They are heat, weather, ozone, oil and abrasion resistant 
  • Superior electromechanical connections 
  • Contacts carefully machined for high connectivity brass to a smooth sliding fit and easy locking action 
  • The watertight rubber insulators are molded from color-fast material, color-coded for easy phase identification 
  • The locking mechanism is a double cam principle that provides a positive, vibration-proof connection 
  • The locked contacts will withstand a pulling force of 1,000lbs
  • Turning the contact 1/3 assures a high pressure contact approaching 600lbs per sq. in. providing minimum resistance
  • The connectors are self-compensating for wear 
  • Contacts carefully machined from a high conductivity brass to a smooth sliding fit and easy locking action 
  • Non-metallic retaining screw provides safe, strong and reliable contact retention 
  • The retaining screw snaps back into place to prevent loss 
  • The cam-lock plugs and connectors are easily assembled with standard tools 
  • E-Z align drive pin increases torque and longitudinal strength 300% 
  • Double set screw termination for added strength 
  • Recessed contacts protected by insulating jacket that extends beyond contact ends for safety. 
  • Integrated strain relief system features a retaining wire that prevents cable jacket pull-away and bare conductor exposure.
  • Plugs feature a high-strength, molded-in-place locking ring to capture and secure the insulator to the contact. 
Product Specification
  • Cable Size: #2 - #1 AWG 
  • Voltage Rating: 600V AC/DC 
  • Amperage Rating: Up to 190A continuous 
  • Temperature Ratings: -40°C to 105°C 
  • Insulator: TPE 
  • NEMA 3R 
Available Options
  • MALE or FEMALE PLUG in Black, Red, Green, White, Blue, Brown, Orange & Yellow

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