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700 EG Superstrut Pipe Strap

SKU TNB-700 1 1/2-STR

Superstrut Pipe Strap, 700-XXEG, is, above all, used to support the tubing and conduit, which is installed into strut systems.  Customers can attach the Electrical metallic tubing (EMT) to the strut quickly and soundly due to the design of the straps.  Thomas & Betts designed the Superstrut Pipe Straps to be twist inserted anywhere along the slot side of the channel.  Even more, customers can place pipes as closely together as the pipe couplings permit them to be without interference.  These steel pipe straps are 3/8 of an inch in diameter.  Also, the manufacturer made these traps with an Electro-Galvanized finish.  The manufacturer explains the term Electro-Galvanized as “electroplated zinc” or “zinc plated”.  The manufacturer bonds the .5 mils of zinc and the steel with an electrolysis process.  Finally, the manufacturer made these 700-1/2EG straps from 14 gauge steel.

The manufacturer makes 700-1/2EG straps in the United States of America and is suitable for use with EMT, Rigid and IMC Conduit.  These straps have the pipe and conduit sizes shown on them, hence allowing quick easy identification.  The manufacturer ships Superstrut straps pre-assembled easy counting and sorting.  Superstrut straps are interchangeable with 1-1/2 inch strut for a broader application.  700-1/2EG straps have a square nut, which is located on the shoulder, therefore, allowing stress-free, one-handed securing.  The bolt head has a combination slot and hex head for flexibility during attachment from the conduit to strut.

Load Capacity: 750 Pounds

Material: Steel

Series: 700

Suitable For Use with EMT, Rigid, IMC Conduit

Mounting Type: Channel

Finish: Electro-Galvanized

Outside Diameter: Varies


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