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49 Series Panel Mount Receptacles

Application: These are designed for use in high-amperage power generation applications like Land-Based Oil Drilling Rigs.
  • Specifically they are designed to deliver up to 1000 V (AC or DC) and up to 1, 135 Amps
  • These receptacles offer continuous power under extreme conditions with cable range from 313 MCM to 777 MCM
  • Both the male and female receptacles are ideal as replacements because they can mate with other manufacturers high-amperage single pole connectors 


  • Housing of the receptacle is made to be strong, durable and resistant
    • Insulator of bus bar is made of molded thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV)
    • TPV insulation resists fading and cracking offering a longer service life
    • TPV bus bar insulator has thermal stability range -76° to 275°F
    • The gasket housing is made of rubber  
    • Housing is protected by cast aluminum powder coated metal housing 
    • TPV dust cap to protects the receptacle from dust contamination and exposure when they are disconnected
  • Receptacle connection and plugin is reliable
    • Stainless steel standard clevis bracket to secure the plug into the receptacle clevis
    • The stainless steel clevis sits at 45° angle so that you can gang multiple receptacles in close proximity (as close as ¼”) 
    • Detent pin allows clevis pin to stay secure and attached whether open or closed 
    • Features single hole or double hole bus bar 
  •  Environmental Features:
    • The TPV has no lead added to it as is fully recyclable
    • The receptacles can operate continuously at a minimum and maximum continuous temperature of -76° to 275°F 
    • CE Certified, cURus recognized components 
Available in a range of colors: Yellow, White, Red, Purple, Orange, Brown, Gray, Green, Black & Blue.

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